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What does it involve?

What does being part of the Active Women over 50 research study involve?

This 3 month research study involves taking some measurements and providing an intervention.


The following measurements will be taken:

• Questionnaires (about your general health) completed at the start and 3 months later

• Physical activity levels measured using an Actigraph accelerometer for 7 days at the start and 3 months later

The intervention involves:

• A single telephone session with a physiotherapist with tailored advice that will work for you to increase your physical activity

• 3 months of your choice of email or text message support

• Access to online resources designed for women over 50

You will be randomly allocated to receive the intervention immediately or later. As this is a research study you will not be able to choose which group you will be allocated to.  


People randomly allocated to the Active Women over 50 Immediate Group will receive the intervention immediately.

People randomly allocated to the Active Women over 50 Later Group will continue their usual activities. After the 3 month period when measurements have been taken again, this group will receive the intervention program as outlined above.​

For more information about the research study, Click Here

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