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Active Women over 50

Being physically active is the single most thing we can do to boost our physical and mental health, now and for the future.

About Active Women over 50

Active Women over 50 is a research study investigating the impact on physical activity in women aged 50 and over, with accessing information about the health and wellbeing benefits of physical activity, and opportunities to engage in physical activity.


Active Women over 50 participants will receive support to be more active. This will include access to a website designed for women aged 50 and over, telephone advice with a physiotherapist and regular messages to motivate physical activity uptake.

The study researchers are based at the University of Sydney in collaboration with researchers at Macquarie University (Sydney), Curtin University (Perth), and the Sydney Local Health District. The Active Women over 50 research study has been approved by relevant ethics committees. 

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There are many great reasons to take part in this research study:


Reduce stress and anxiety 

Improve your mood, energy and sleep


Create opportunities to socialise and meet new people through new activities

Improve your posture, mobility and balance and reduce your risk of falling 

Reduce aches and pain and manage arthritis


Help manage weight


Help to manage or avoid other health conditions

such as diabetes and heart disease

Contribute to the research of physical activity participation in women over the age of 50 years

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